Looking Glass announced a new headset-less AR device


Looking Glass, known for such products as L3D Cube (cubic LED display) and Super Pepper (holographic screen), offers a new device called HoloPlayer One that allows seeing virtual objects in real life without using AR headsets.

The product has two versions, one working connected to the computer, another – autonomously using Intel Core i7. Both HoloPlayer One models can be preordered and the delivery will start in April of 2018.

The model dependent on the computer costs $750, whereas the other version is four times more expensive – $3000. Both of them give a possibility to interact with holograms not only without headsets but also without controllers. The system reads human motion like Microsoft Kinect.

However, HoloPlayer One does not offer a quality resolution. Images with 480 × 267 pixels look rather dim and blurred. Developers say a better result is hardly possible at the current level of technology development.


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