What kind of future comes with Microsoft Hololens?


Microsoft Hololens is the next step of interaction with virtual reality

On March 10, as part of AR Conference, Microsoft technology evangelist Andrey Ivaschentsev will tell about holograms as a tool for blurring the limits of reality.

Dmitriy is involved in the promotion of modern technologies, software among the beginner-developers: pupils, students, startups. He’s engaged in the ioT, development of the cross functional Windows apps, functional programming on the .NET platform, virtual and augmented reality.

At the conference, he will tell about current VR and AR markets scenarios, showcasing the HoloLens in details, as well as context scenarios of application of this sensational gadget.

HoloLens sphere of application goes beyond consumer sector. Engineers can use glasses to see the assembling mode of a certain mechanism. Designers could plan a room in 3D together with client, surgeons can avoid distracting for X-ray by visualizing image on the patient.

HoloLens AR headset can create holograms on the real objects. Also, user can interact with holograms, as the device defines voice commands, eye movements and gestures.

Gadget immerses the user into a new environment, where holograms and reality integrate and merge together. It scans the environment and projects holograms on the real physical objects. Thus, each room turns up into place where even the most amazing ideas are created.

In order to interact with holograms, one can use gestures allowing to change their forms and sizes. Eye movements allow to look back, same as in reality. Also, device can be controlled with voice commands.

You can listen to presentation from Microsoft’s Russian department evangelist on March 10 at AR Conference.

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