How we made 4 projects on catching candidates for presidency, landmarks and even more! - AR Conference speaker’s topic


On November 30, 2016 as part of the international conference on augmented and virtual reality there will be a report of AR Production studio founder Aleksandr Asrtov.

The portfolio of the company includes more than 87 interactive projects with the implementation of AR and VR technology. Museums, exhibitions, presentations, advertising and BLT, mobile apps – there is nothing that would be impossible for the company.

Within his presentation Aleksandr Asrtov will share interesting information on 4 successful AR projects. The speaker will note their features and advantages, and compare them with other AR projects. He will also tell the audience about challenges faced by the developers and ways of addressing the issues.

AR Production has successfully implemented several VR projects. It has already launched Cyprus travel guide. Another two AR projects will be launched in the end of October and early December. It is these projects that will be discussed in speaker’s report.

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