Alternative ways of using virtual reality technologies?


Virtual reality technologies are mostly used in games, movies and entertainment. However, IT experts say that VR can be applied in medicine, education and other fields as well. RUSBASE told about 5 developing areas, where virtual reality technologies can be used.


VR headset in the field is associated with entertainment and may be used to reduce pain without drugs that cause drug abuse.

Doctors and professors of the University of Tennessee conducted an experiment, where patients were playing a VR game using a headset to relief the pain. Fascinated by the game, they forgot about the pain, and their state improved.

Another application of the headset was found by the startup AlterEgo. It was used to determine a mental disorder. Patients were offered to repeat the movement for an avatar. Studies have shown that movement analysis gives more accurate data and is cheaper than an interview.

Real Estate

In order to show the future home to the client, there is no need to visit the house. VR devices save time - for a day person can “visit” all the options offered by the real estate company. VRTech already offers a VR walk through the apartment in the residential complex Medovaya Dolina.

VR technologies can also help architects. The project is created in virtual reality, so it's easy to see inaccuracies in the design.


Person perceives about 80% of the information visually. Therefore, the use of virtual reality in education will help children to acquire knowledge better. ZSpace provides virtual courses in biology, chemistry and geography for schools in California. With the help of a tablet, VR glasses and a stylus, you can well see the celestial body, molecular structure and other things that previously could be seen only in pictures.

Interactive service developed by Speech Center VR will help to cope with thrill during presentations and master public speaking. The user is offered to make a speech in virtual reality, which includes distractions for imitation of the real situation.

Social networks

Soon, you will be able to walk with your friends in social networks through virtual reality. The platform for virtual walks with friends is being developed by AltspaceVR. Using the program, you create an avatar that will go on dates and talk with friends or relatives who live far away. The first connected social network will be Facebook.


Chinese online store Alibaba offers to order goods online, selecting it on virtual shelves. This service has been already used by 8 million people.

And those who decide to buy furniture in the Hoff store will soon be able to see if the new sofa fits into the apartment using virtual reality program.


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