VR cafe: what to offer your costumers


Internet cafes, also known as cybercafes, have become an integral part of our life, according to VentureBeat.

These establishments have provided online access to travelers and freelancers. The astronomical growth of virtual reality technologies provides a new business model, which promises to transform the industry, offering the Internet cafe 2.0 or the VR cafe.

Here are main services that can be provided in such a café, including main advantages and disadvantages.

VR Games

Advantage: nearly guaranteed revenue

VR games will obviously be in the top of this list. According to preliminary calculations, VR market revenue will hit $45 million by 2015. Most gamers cannot even now afford a decent VR headset.

Therefore, creating a VR game room in your cafe is a right decision if you want to attract gamers, and increase your income accordingly. VR cafes in Japan attract more and more tourists, proving people's interest in such institutions.

Disadvantage: the cost

VR games require more room than traditional Internet cafes. VR is not just a wonderful visual experience, but physical as well. You must provide enough space for costumers so that they can enjoy the game to the fullest. You have to purchase the headset and equipment for games as well.

VR-based conferences

AR/VR/MR Conference: VR cafe: what to offer your costumers

Advantages: corporate clients

You can conduct VR-based trainings for local companies that want to learn this technology. You not only provide valuable services this way, but also increase your income thanks to corporate clients. Your target audience is both small and medium companies considering the possibility of introducing VR technology into business processes.

Disadvantage: examination

Your knowledge of VR technology should go beyond the level of the average user. Although a degree in programming is not required, you must know how to use VR hardware and software. You will need to offer innovative ideas, how your customers can integrate VR technology into their business models.

VR events

Advantages: corporate Support

If your cafe is located in a metropolis or not far from it, you can find there some companies that need a place for VR events. Such organizations usually have VR content and audience, but do not have place to hold such events.

As the marketing potential of virtual reality grows, more and more companies will seek ways to impress their customers using VR presentations.

You can conduct private events as well: birthdays, fundraising, promotions.

Disadvantage: content

While corporate customers will bring their own VR content, you will most likely need to provide software for private events. The list of available VR content is growing, still, it will not be enough to satisfy all customer requests.


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