Application of AR technology in plastic surgery


Existing reality can be regulated using the AR technology. Information is displayed on the heads-up displays.

Medical worker can look through the treatment info and disease symptoms in the resource guide book. Device can be used during the operation in order to check data about the patient.

San Clemente-based Illusio has found another way of application of the technology. AR allows to choose the size of breast implants. Result is displayed on the iPad screen.

Patient puts on a special coloured bra, and specialists use an app to take video displaying the future result of operation. App allows to “try on” different shapes and sizes, and this process doesn’t take much time. In the process of communication with a patient, specialists can make adjustments to further steps.

Display acts as a virtual mirror and it can be shown to the patient. The app allows to look at the body before the actual operation.


Application of the device allows to make the right decision. Patient’s sense of fear will also reduce, as she could see the result on the screen. Technology allows doctor and patient to understand each other better.


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