VR and AR market infrastructure in Russia


In Russia the infrastructure of VR/AR market is still not as large as in the US and Europe, but recently it has made a significant step in its development. The number of successful business cases keeps growing and investors declare their readiness to provide their support, while shoppers are showing their increased interest in the augmented and virtual reality.

Here are some facts that illustrate the development of infrastructure in Russia:

  • the VRTech venture fund was launched this summer to invest in virtual reality projects, its total amount is more than 300 million rubles;
  • company in liaison with Moscow Traffic Management Center launched a virtual imaging project for the road traffic of the capital;
  • AR Production studio has successfully implemented a navigation software for Cyprus in the augmented reality;
  • the first VR Film Festival in Russian Federation took place in Moscow this June;
  • the Higher School of Business-Informatics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics has introduced a separate “Virtual reality” subject within the framework of the Management of internet gaming projects program.

To learn more about the current state of the industry, visit the panel discussion "The infrastructure of VR and AR market in Russia" which will be held at AR Conference on November 30.