The Walking Dead will be in augmented reality


The Walking Dead: Our World mobile application will transfer the living dead into augmented reality. The program immerses you in the popular series events, mixing enemies, weapons and other game pieces with objective reality.

The smartphone app looks like the sensational Pokémon Go, only now virtual objects are not just waiting for you to catch them, zombies are moving towards the user, so you have to fight off the undead with different types of weapons.

The first game trailer does not contain a gameplay, but it does show the participants fighting in different locations. The video has virtual versions of TV show characters and they are apparently fighting on the player's side.

The Walking Dead: Our World was created by the Next Games team, they are the team that development a 2D version of The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. Apple has already announced The Walking Dead as a new AR-game in their store.

The application release date is not specified. We know that it will be developed for iOS and Android operating systems.


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