Health Intelligence adds creative augmentation technology


Health Intelligence, a local health magazine, has added a secret digital layer to its bi-monthly content, with creative augmentation technology.
The 3D app makes this month's cover girl, Miss SA, Rolene Strauss, come to life in a video that gives the magazine's readers an unexpected behind-the-scenes celebrity experience. 
Health Intelligence adds creative augmentation technology

Rosanne Buchanan, Health Intelligence editor, says, "Creative augmentation is not entirely new but it's never been used by a local health magazine. By adding the digital layer to our content, we offer our readers and advertisers something a bit more inspiring - without losing the familiarity of their glossy read." 

Developed by local techies, Creative Augmentation, which has developed 10,000 hours of content to date for South African brands, the Health Intelligence journey into Augmented Reality uses app technology that customises content exclusively for clients. It is also measurable and increases engagement, interaction and entertainment for readers. 

Extending magazine excitement 

Chantelle Balsdon, GM of Shout Factory Media Holdings, says, "We partnered with Creative Augmentation after seeing the international success of augmented reality solutions. Locally, it is taking off within our own magazine titles and clients such as Unilever Food Solutions and Nespresso. 

"Health Intelligence is the first health & wellness magazine to use it locally however, which I think is very forward-thinking of them, especially as the lines between physical and virtual continue to blur."

Digital vs print

Is it a game-changer for publishing? Buchanan is on the fence, "The touch and feel of paper will, in my mind, always trump digital content." That said, she does think it adds a rich perspective to existing content that readers would not have had access to previously. "Who doesn't love the bloopers or behind-the-scenes footage when watching a movie? This is the same; readers can choose to engage with added-value content, at their leisure, and get just a bit closer to their favourite stars and personalities," she concludes.