Google Street View and virtual reality allow travelling the world


Inventive Briton Aaron Puzey has found a way to go for a ride across Great Britain: he is going to drive 1349 km without leaving home. A traveler connected Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset, to a home fitness cycle. And using Google Street View, he arranged a journey route across the whole country: from Land's End in the south-west to the northernmost place called John o᾽Groats.          

Puzey posts video reports about the trip in his Cycle VR blog. He can stop in any place and enjoy virtual world landscape. Aaron is going to complete his journey in 50 days.       

The virtual trip idea flashed into Briton’s mind when he got tired of daily fitness cycle exercises. Virtual reality makes training much exciting.    

Puzey notes that Google Street View can’t manage with recreation of complicated scenes.    

Puzey independently developed an application where transferred Street View data and adapted it to Samsung Galaxy Gear headset. It is connected via Bluetooth to the cycle and transfers travel speed to Gear VR to move along the route.          

Puzey is planning to conduct such a trip across Japan.