Xiaomi VR headset for 15 cents


Right after the launch of a lap top, Xiaomi throws down a challenge to Google Cardboard. The Chinese company is going to compete with the behemoth of the Internet market, using VR headset Mi VR Play. The Chinese are going to change the market.

Currently, the gadget is available to testers only, and its price is only 15 cents.

The headset is compatible with all smartphones, ranging in screen size from 4.7 to 5.7 inches. The dimensions of Mi VR Play are 201 × 107 × 91 mm and weight – 208.7 gram.

Using mobile app users get access to virtual content, including games and panoramic video. Xiaomi is planning to diversify its library, adding around $1 billion media materials, with those for virtual reality among them.

Distinctive feature of the gadget is its Lycra case for smartphone, instead of the common plastic one.

The VR headset is available in 6 colors, including the one imitating denim fabrics, Lycra with floral motif, leopard color and even a case with a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

The price of the device for testers is $0.15 only. The price for regular buyers is still unknown, but the Mi VR Play is supposed to cost around $7.