For the first time at AR Conference, VRability founder Georgiy Molodcov


Georgy Molodtsov is a director, producer and creative director of VRability project. He will speak at exhibition-conference AR Conference. This is the massive event devoted to VR and AR technologies, that will take place for the second time in the Russian capital, on March 10, 2016. AR Conference will gather best specialists of the high-tech industry.

Georgiy will share his presentation devoted to specifics of editing the video captured in the VR, key approaches and methods used for complete immersion of the user into the virtual world. He will present case studies based on the VRability project, which he co-founded.

VRability is the first Russian VR360 project using VR possibilities in cinematography. It aims to solve social issues. Key task of VRability is to motivate handicapped people to be more involved in real life activity.

Implementing the project, Georgiy is filming spherical video with a 360 degree viewing angle. This is not his first work with a social context. Filmmaker has been the author of such campaigns for many times, being the director of an independent non-profit organization “Social advertising lab”.



VRability is the social program aimed at the support of handicapped people who can’t move. The project focuses on the following:

  • solving of social issues related to the use of modern methods and technologies;
  • VR application as a method of the global movie industry development.

Georgiy believes that his project can demonstrate possibilities of VR technologies for handicapped people, providing them motivation for discovering various kinds of activity, where they could fulfill their potential.

VRability will also allow broad audience to understand the struggle of handicapped people with no ability to move, through immersion into the virtual world.

You’ll have a chance to find out more about this social and cinematic project during the speaker’s presentation. All AR Conference details can be checked out on the event website. See you on the 10th of March, 2016, in the Courtyard by Marriot Moscow.