Business development expert will tell about the prospects of using AR/VR technologies in trade


November 30, business development expert and author of many themed publications for such magazines as Finbuzz, New Retail, Executive, and others, Yana Grigoryan will speak at the AR Conference. Being interested in the development of her professional sphere, she was a producer of a series of conferences “Trends and brands”, as well as a large convention on multichannel trade.

At the AR Conference she will deliver a presentation on the topic:

“The future of AR/VR technologies in consumer markets: where is the gold mine?”

You will learn how technologies of virtual and augmented reality influence business development, as well as how to use them efficiently for monetization.

Augmented and virtual reality is a tool that will allow taking a fresh look on promotional marketing of any project. Presentation will be useful for experienced and beginning businessmen.

Despite the successful use of AR and VR technologies in computer games, they are most frequently applied in business, and according to predictions of analysts, this trend will strengthen in the future. Therefore, it is high time now to use virtual and augmented reality to improve the promotion efficiency of your goods, brand recognition and, as a result, to increase sales growth.

To listen to the presentation and ask questions to the speaker, register on the official website.