Drone, broadcasting spherical 6K VR video


Designs has produced the drone able to broadcast 6K 360 VR video.

The novelty called Flying EYE is constructed based on MATRICE 600 PRO multicopter by DJI but has been significantly improved.

A key enhancement is Flying Eye 3 Mini 360 camera. Its horizontal field of view is 450 degrees (with 30-degree overlap) and vertical one is 380 degrees. This feature allows the device to send a spherical video on a VR headset without dead areas.

The drone also operates along with a ground transmitter, providing remote control at a distance of 5 miles. It this transmitter that accounts for signal coding and its direct 6K broadcasting on a selected device, for instance a VR headset.

Flying EYE has become a professional solution for 360 live broadcasting. It costs 75 thousand dollars.