Dialogues with characters, focus change and brain waves. Sony shared ideas about new PS VR


Like any other headset, Sony PlayStation VR needs some improvement. The research department of the company has several variants of its modernization on different levels.

Prior to the press conference of Sony at E3, Senior Vice President of R&D at Sony Interactive Entertainment Dominic Mallinson spoke on team researches.

The company has high expectations about artificial intelligence – it would help make virtual characters seem real.

Dominic meant natural language understanding and compared it to platforms such as Apple Siri: “Imagine that you can communicate with characters like you do with real people”.

He also mentioned equipment upgrade, virtual screens and importance of implementing focus variation which would allow them to copy real human eyesight.

“The eye always focuses on something and this is a subconscious process,” explained the expert. “At the moment, there’s no such thing in a virtual world.”

When a person wears a headset, all the objects are in his/her focus. Users may not think about that but it is unnatural for a human eye.

“We want to change it. Soon equipment will provide change of focus and 3D image,” commented Dominic. “This will give us an absolute visual experience.”

He also shared the idea he named a sci-fi one – the use of brain waves in user interface. The technology able to read impulses of brain cortex would open absolutely new prospects for VR.