AR/VR technologies in gambling


Today virtual reality is on everyone's lips. AR glasses are used in manufacturing process; bright holograms in gadgets for communication do not cause surprise of the users. But such technology is still something new for the gambling industry.

VR headsets, VR keyboards and other technologies will be actively used in gambling and betting by 2018.

First developments for gambling industry were already presented. This is an online virtual reality casino, in which you can play as in a real one, and experience the same real emotions. The popularity of online casinos will increase significantly with the release of the Oculus Rift. The participation effect of the player in online club will open new horizons for the gaming industry: a variety of games and the ability to move from table to table, using VR headset and gamepad.

Innovation is so successful that all who managed to try it out by now, did not want to leave the virtual world, traveling though the gambling house. Everyone who has used the device once, strains after returning to this world.

Those interested in AR/VR technologies, know that AR Conference 2016 will take place in less than a week. This event attracts attention of VR-gadgets and innovative programs developers. Participated in the event are Daqri (AR developer of open source software), Nival (developer of role-playing and strategy games), representatives of Intel, PlayDisplay, Great Gonzo Studio, Microsoft, Samsung and many others.

Special demo zone is created for the Conference guests. Here gamers will be able to play games using Fibrum VR headset. Anybody who wants to will have an opportunity to test Gear VR app first-hand, take part in Galaxy S7 test-drive and experience the real physical feel with Tesla Suit.

The use of technological innovations in gaming will only increase. To ensure it is true, visit the Conference on innovative technologies of augmented and virtual reality on March 10, 2016: