AR/VR technologies will change your vision of the future


There is no doubt that virtual reality is becoming a vital part of our everyday life. In the future offices and shops will be replaced by their virtual analogs. One of the latest trends is elegant gadget Samsung Galaxy S7 (as well as S7 edge). It embodies functionality, you won’t able to resist and forget. When looking at this trendy item, you realize: the future is already here.

Guests of AR Conference 2016 are extremely lucky. Samsung representatives have promised unbelievable emotions and suggested the guests to participate in Galaxy S7 test-drive. The gadget comes together with Samsung Gear VR.

From the very first glance the latest version of the smartphone brings you delight. It fits perfectly in your hand, has streamline form and metal casing – features the top segment is focused on.

Gear VR was developed together with Oculus VR, brand owned by Mark Zuckerberg and Samsung.

Users can view sporting events, play and make virtual tours using Gear VR app. Lively and vivid experience from photos, as well as advanced game graphics will not leave you indifferent.

Demo zone visitors will have an opportunity to test the most advanced AR/VR gadgets. Fibrum virtual reality headset will be of interest to gamers and innovative Xinect SDK platform will be useful for Kinect developers.

By trying on the Tesla Suit, for the first time demo zone visitors will be able to feel vibrations and temperatures and not only see the virtual reality.

Russian developers offer to discuss all the devices, continue business communication or have a dialog with the customers with the help of Timvi VR platform. Visitors of the AR Conference 2016 will see the demonstration of its capabilities for content transmission, as well as voice- and video chat.

A variety of gadgets will be presented at the exhibition. Art lovers will enjoy fascinating journey into the world of immersive art by Great Gonzo studio. Guests will immerse themselves into the paintings, using Samsung Gear VR.

In order to test the device, make sure it is a great technological innovation and experience Gear VR capabilities first-hand, you should visit the Conference on innovative technologies of augmented and virtual reality on March 10, 2016: