ARKit – Apple’s AR platform


At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Timothy Cook’s company showcased the operation of proprietary AR platform ARKit.

ARKit is compatible with all Apple mobile devices starting from iOS 11. It is based on the quick and efficient motion tracking technology with a possibility to project the virtual object into space.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president, showed the capabilities of the technology: he literally placed virtual objects onto a real table. If you walk around them, you will see that they stand still and can be observed from any angle.

During the presentation, Peter Jackson’s project of Wingnut AR studio was revealed. The symbiosis of Unreal Engine and ARKit resulted in the impressive scene with sea vessels firing at the virtual city, which stretched on the table.

The project of Timothy Cook’s company is likely to give a boost to the AR technology. The tool will soon be available to developers, and Apple expects the arrival of a great number of AR games and applications in the nearest future. ARKit will support Unity, Scenekit and Unreal Engine.