AR-market growth: Vyacheslav Utochkin will take the floor at AR Conference


Moscow residents and guests are very fortunate to have an opportunity to enjoy the AR Conference this spring. This event, devoted to AR/VR technologies, will take place for the second time so far.

AR Conference and Exhibition 2016 is a grand event which, as practice shows, has no analogues in Russia. March 10, 2016 is a great opportunity to submerge in the world of virtual and augmented reality.

Specialists wonder when AR technologies will become an integral part of our lives. When will wearable gadgets become just daily accessories? How can we make applications and wearable devices understand humans and interact with each other?

These are issues AR Conference 2016 is going to discuss. Guests are welcomed to attend exciting lectures by industry leaders, as well as exhibition stands, offered by many domestic and foreign companies. Besides, our AR/VR Conference is definitely a perfect place for business communication.

One of the speakers at AR Conference will be Vyacheslav Utochkin, a director of employee education programs for gaming industry in the Higher school of business information science of NRU HSE, and an author of the course “Game project operating”, which is run within the retraining program “Management of online game projects”. In 2016 a separate subject “Virtual reality” will be introduced into this program. The speaker has a personal experience in creating online browser games. For example, Star Warrior, a strategy game with RPG elements, which was created for research purposes. Implementation and distribution of game design and marketing technologies were the main focuses of the experiment.  
Achievements of the speaker also include publications in Russian mass media on topics of virtual reality and game development, membership in Runet Prize club, running workshops on gaming industry. 

Besides that Vyacheslav has founded a Russian-speaking professional community on Facebook, devoted to augmented and virtual reality: VR/AR in Gamedev.
For quite a long time the participant of AR Conference has been producing a number of popular Russian games: he has launched a multiplayer tank action Armored Warfare, operated the Russian-speaking client version of MMORPG Perfect World and browser shooter Booms, launched and operated online browser games Canaan Online and Business Tycoon Online. 


Utochkin is also going to strengthen his arguments by various graphics, analytical predictions, examples of large-scale deals, and statements of the top market leaders.

According to the speaker, the main disadvantage of AR/VR technologies is that some gadgets (3D helmet, for example) are not so comfortable to use. Price policy is another negative factor, too. Finally, some people simply tend to mistrust innovations.

Utochkin is going to discuss all these details at AR Conference. You are welcomed to attend the conference too and experience opportunities of virtual and augmented reality. The event will take place at Courtyard by Marriott Moscow City Centre on March 10, 2016. Don’t miss you chance!