American developers created a bracelet preventing the effect of motion sickness in VR


The American company Reliefband Technologies offered its product which can be used together with VR headsets. Reliefband helps to prevent the effect of motion sickness when using VR content for a long time. The bracelet is worn on the wrist. It delivers electric pulses to the median nerve responsible for the feeling of sickness and reduces discomfort.

One more advantage of Reliefband is its system of influence control. The user defines the level of discomfort and tunes the bracelet to the necessary mode. It is worth mentioning that at first this device was created for people who experience nausea in transport and for pregnant women. But when developers understood that Reliefband could be successfully used with VR devices, they entered a new promising market.

Today Reliefband costs $95 but an improved model’s price will be $150.