Alejandro Inarritu is awarded an Oscar for a VR installation


The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will award a Mexican director for the installation "Flesh and Sand", which was created in virtual reality format, writes BBC. The ceremony will be held on November 11.

The Academy stated that Inyarritu earned this award for "conveying a rich visionary experience in storytelling". Academy members believe that such projects are the future of world cinematography.

"Flesh and sand" is a story about Mexican refugees crossing the United States border. The director worked on this film for five years. To feel and convey all hardships of the heroes, he was meeting real Mexican immigrants and listening to their stories. It’s like Inarritu himself wanted to go through the things these people went through.

AR/VR/MR Conference: Alejandro Inarritu is awarded an Oscar for a VR installation

Installation premiere took place at the Cannes Film Festival and is already shown in museums of different countries.

It’s displayed in a large hall with sand on the floor. Visitors are given an Oculus Rift VR headset and headphones. They also put on a pretty heavy backpack in order to experience conditions of a difficult refugee path.

Last time a Special Achievement Oscar was awarded in 1996 to the "Toy Story" cartoon.


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