6 things to know befor playing Pokémon go


Are you going to play Pokémon Go? Given below are several crucial aspects you should remember before hunting pocket monsters.  

1. The game has not yet been launched officially!

The official release of Pokémon Go is only available in several countries: Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. The application can be installed from the outside resource. But not all links are reliable. Some of them include DroidJack code, allowing access to user’s smartphone control.    

2. The absence of confidentiality

Pokémon Gо deprives you of any confidentiality. The game uses GPS and uninterrupted data transfer, so confidentiality is not guaranteed. You can just not play in places where you don’t want to be noticed or not use your personal Gmail account.      

3. Malicious applications

Google Play Store includes Pokemon Go Ultimate application that interrupts the operation of your Android after installation, showing porno advertising. Check what you install.    

4. You can't be too careful  

Accidents have already happened in New York and San Diego when players have almost died, getting sucked into the game. While playing, do not forget to keep eyes open, take a smartphone away during driving or walking.     

5. Pokémon Go: crimes, robberies, fatalities and other issues    

Focusing on the game in the park or shop, you are risking to be robbed. Players are wandering in dangerous back alleys, becoming quick pushes for criminals.    

6. Bans and tricks

Players use all opportunities to collect Pokémon with les effort. So, for instance, one should overcome distance of 2 km until a new creature hatches out of a hatchery egg. Instead of it, players attach their gadgets to moving subjects in order to simulate walking.            

Others use fake GPS location applications in order to catch Pokémon there.   

Dodgers can be punished by banning in the game or giving a wild monster instead of regular one.  

Play correctly. Gotta catch 'em all!