5 inexpensive VR cameras


There are many devices for making VR video. There are units that consist of several cameras, cost thousands of dollars and are used by professionals. But for amateur 360° video one need a much lower budget.

Here is a list of 5 VR cameras that will not drain your purse.

Insta360 Nano (price – $199)

 5 inexpensive VR cameras - 1

The device plugs into the iPhone power connector. On both sides it has fish-eye cameras with 210° range of vision each, which in the end provides 360 °. This option is available only for iPhone 6 and later models.

Kodak PixPro SP 360 (price – $199)

 5 inexpensive VR cameras - 2

This miniature camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel sensor and ultra wide-angle lens. It can take 360° photos and even record Full HD video but not more than 30 frames per second. Apart from other features, it is moisture and dust resistant.

LG G5 360 (price – $199)

 5 inexpensive VR cameras - 3

Thanks to two lenses with 200° range of vision each, the camera can shoot 2K video, however this requires a micro SD card. It is very simple to use: you just need to download 360 Cam Manager app to your mobile.

Ricoh Theta SC (price – $299)

 5 inexpensive VR cameras - 4

This camera is a low-end analog of Theta S. It is also equipped with two spherical 14-megapixel lenses. Thanks to them, the device can shoot panoramic Full HD 30 fps video. It is compatible with Android devices only.

Samsung Gear 360 (price – $299)

 5 inexpensive VR cameras - 5

Samsung could not ignore low-end segment of VR cameras and introduced its own device. It is not surprising that Gear 360 can work only with Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. That is a common thing for Samsung.

The camera has two fish-eye lenses that shoot 360° (3840×1920) videos. It is also dust and moisture resistant.