10 reasons to visit AR Conference.


The future is now. Check it at AR Conference!

On 14 November Moscow will host the most anticipated industry event dedicated to modern augmented reality technology - AR Conference. The event will bring together experts and market leaders to share secrets of using AR technology in everyday life and in business with everyone present

AR Conference will be held in unusual format: in addition to standard reports and presentations of speakers, the event will become a test drive of various gadgets and devices with the technology of augmented reality. The conference participants will speak about:

• trends and development prospects of AR technologies in various fields of business and science;

• a variety of wearable AR gadgets that are actively used in advertising, gaming and entertainment industries;

• ways to implement your ideas in this area, launch your startup with max efficiency and result and much more.

Leonid Bugaev - expert in marketing communications with 16 years of experience in Internet business will also speak at the conference. Leonid will report on: "Overview of high-tech AR solutions in B2B and B2C segments". Many people probably do not even realize how you can make a lot of money in this industry. Our speaker, creative director of digital-agency Nordic Agency AB (Moscow - Stockholm), will speak about global and local AR players, application of this technology in B2B and B2C, as well as: 

• Consumer AR: what to expect from augmented reality?

• Business AR: that will complement the business?

• Gartner Cycle: where are we now? Education and training in AR;

• Cases (Metaio/Juniao, Oculus, Google, Layar, Samsung)

• What to expect from augmented reality in business and everyday life?

• AR technology in archeology, architecture, art, commerce, education, games, design, medicine, navigation, sports, entertainment, tourism, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn almost everything about modern technology of augmented reality and its use in various areas of our lives. At AR Conference you will realize that the future you read about in science fiction has come. The most important is not to be late to become a part of it.

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