We offer you to take part in the demozone of
AR Conference

The package includes:

  • 1 table, 2 chairs, electrical socket  
  • ​Promotional materials are placed in the participant/speaker/partner bags
  • ​Announcements are posted in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter)
  • ​​Live reference logotypes are posted on the official event website 


Demozone participants include: 


    Fibrum is the company developing software and hardware solutions on the mobile virtual reality market. The company was founded in 2014 and became the key expert in mobile VR just in two years of development. As of today, the company has launched 27 various mobile VR applications (games, attractions, cinema), and more than 50 new projects by Fibrum and partners are currently developed. The company has also developed the mobile virtual reality headset – Fibrum Pro. At the beginning of 2016, the company sold more than 25 000 headsets in Russia and abroad; and users downloaded Fibrum mobile applications more than 12 000 000 times.

    The platform will present a shooter quest called The Raid, the new entertainment format designed by Fibrum. Currently, this project is unique and has no analogies in Russia.


    PWRG is the studio combining motion design, programming and technologies. We create intelligent and efficient solutions for various business processes:

    - Interactive multimedia presentations;
    - Augmented and virtual reality for presentations;
    - 3D visualization of any complexity;
    - Creative and technological solutions for external communications (PR,GR,Marketing);
    - Innovative promo installations;
    - Equipment of exhibition stands with interactive;
    - Improvement and development of corporate museums and show rooms;
    - Creation of innovative display areas.

  • Homido is the high-quality and multifunctional virtual reality headset for smartphones with a great amount of regulations and multi-zone applications, designed for people of any gender and age. Homido headset allows to watch various 360-degree videos, enjoy wonderful quality of 3D movies, play the most interesting mobile games in the virtual reality world and enjoy augmented reality. The headset can be used in the educative area and for obtaining additional information about required objects. You can also synchronize Homido with computer and play computer VR and 3D games or watch your favourite videos. Moderate price of Homido headset pleasingly combines with excellent characteristics. Within the conference demozone, the company will present 6 virtual games with intriguing plots, VR clips and movies.

  • Virtualnye Ochki (Virtual glasses) is the popularization and promotion of virtual and augmented reality technologies. Each participant of AR Conference 2016 will be able to get unforgettable emotions at our stand due to the unique attraction – driving simulator – based on Oculus Rift CV1 virtual reality that will allow you to feel like a real racer, competing with other players, and to experience real racer’s emotions and feelings. Besides, you will be able to buy the most popular and innovative VR glasses and gadgets using special promo offers. We will be also pleased to answer all your questions regarding virtual and augmented reality in order to make these technologies more understandable and interesting for you.

    VR Concept, the developer of the first Russian virtual prototyping software, invites you to dip into virtual reality and see opportunities of technology industrial application in various sectors in real life. VR Concept software allows to download data from various CAD systems, develop and depict prototypes in various virtual reality systems (headsets and projection systems), thus the developer doesn’t need to create test patterns (reducing 3D printing volumes), hold joint meetings over the pattern of geographically-distributed offices, test ergonomics and so on. VR Concept stand will allow attendees to enjoy realistic three-dimensional display, immersion effect, interaction with virtual objects: conducting various operations, such as assembling/disassembling, tracking cuts and collisions.

    Boxglass is the most available solution for creating virtual and augmented reality. Boxglass was founded in 2014. It offers a range of virtual reality solutions: VR glasses production, 360-degree video shooting, AR/VR applications development. We have produced more than 30 000 VR glasses, launched several AR/VR applications and continuously develop manufacturing area. 

  • Piligrim XXI has been involved in the tourism industry for almost 10 years, has traveled half-way round the world and seen single-type ruins everywhere and heard only legends about past majesty. And we realized that current technologies could fully change the concept of educational tourism. Now, ruins are visited by rare connoisseurs and those going through the motions in order to get a selfie at iconic event places. Nowadays, using digital technologies, we can make such excursions really exciting for the broad audience. And the main thing is that tourists will not only enjoy such a place but also remember much more information about its history, architectural features, etc. due to the bright visualization. Our researches and practice prove this fact.

    Piligrim XXI cases. AR technology will be able to immerse you into the past and allow to see legendary events in 3D and augmented reality, as well as to visit all Russian cities in just a few minutes. Download such applications as Old NesSsEbar, The road of life, and My Sweet Angel Eva - AR on your phone in advance.

    Virtuality Club is the first group of virtual reality clubs. Within the demozone, the company will present the attraction based on Sony Playstation VR headset that gives you unforgettable impressions and new experience during the gaming process from the first minutes. Sony Playstation VR headset is able to update an image with standard 90 Hz frequency and 120 Hz, which makes the gaming process smoother. Besides Sony Playstation VR headset, the attraction set includes standard Dualshock 4 controller and two new Move controllers that will bring you more pleasure from immersion into virtual reality. Player space is approximately 3x2 meters and you are one and half meter opposite PlayStation Camera and TV. The camera tracks motions due to LEDs, set at front and back flat areas of the device. 


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